Kyudo-seminar at the Kita Kazedojo in Antwerp

On March 25th, Kita Kazedojo of Antwerp will organise a kyudo seminar specifically aimed at beginners. The seminar will be held under the responsability of Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensi, Renshi 6th Dan assisted by Constant Piqueray 4th dan and Etienne Bossard, 3rd Dan.


Beginner’s Seminar to be held by Taïtokan Kyudojo in Liège

On October 6, the Liege based Taïtokan Kyudojo will organise a special Kyudo beginner’s seminar, supervised by Christiane Roulez, 5th Dan. This event is open for people wishing to learn Kyudo and for zero and 1st Dan students of the federation’s other dojos.

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Welcome of the New Year at the central dojo of the Zen Belgian Kyudo Renmei

Kyudoka of the Belgium and Luxembourg kyudo federations came together at the central dojo of the belgian kyudo federation to celebrate the new year, on Sunday January 8.

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Luxembourg national kyudo seminar

On the weekend of December 11th and 12, the Luxemborug Kyudo federation hosted its annual kyudo seminar in its practice facility in Mersch. The seminar was directed by Vlasselaer Jan-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6th Dan.

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Annual beginner’s seminar in Liège

For the first time, the annual beginner’s seminar was held in the small dojo in Volière. The seminar was organised by the Liège dojo and held under the responsability of Christiane Roulez, 5th Dan, technical director of the ZBKR.

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