Federal seminar at the central dojo in Brussels

On June 16th and 17th 2012, a 50 kyudokas of the dojos in Brussels, Liège, Wavre, Antwerp, Lille and Luxembourg gathered at the central dojo of the belgian Kyudo federation for a two day seminar under the supervision of Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6th Dan.

The seminar started on saturday morning with a Ya Watashi performed by :

Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6th Dan
Dekijser Bruno, 4th Dan, Daichi Kaezoe
Vrydagh Robert, 4th Dan, Daini Kaezoe

The participants to the seminar then gathered in groups according to their level. The training session gave the sensei the opportunity to appreciate every participant’s shooting and to apply the right corrections. A great importance was given to the Tenouchi during this session. Indeed, the correct and active grip of the left hand on the japanese bow is essential in giving the arrow a straight trajectory towards the target. During this session, the security rules applying inside the dojo were recalled to everyone.

The afternoon session, among others, was dedicated to sharei, the ceremonial shooting forms performed by more archers together. After sharei shooting, the sensei took the opportunity to give comments to the archers. Beyond the technical points, he insisted on the state of mind to be developed during the shooting. This state of mind cannot be lost after the release, it has to stay ven after the archer has quit the shooting area. Through cultivating this state of mind, something will grow inside the archer’s mind that will have a deep impact on his personality.

The second day of the seminar started with a sharei performed by 3rd Dan students. While the other students started training, those wearing kimono were taught the right way to wear the japanese dress. This was also the opportunity to explain the importance, in japanese budo, of the relationship between the sensei and the student. An important aspect of this relationship is the mutual trust between sensei and student, which itself depends on the sincerity and honesty of the student.

The afternoon session of the second day was again the opportunity to study sharei. Comments were dedicated to the differences in shooting of men and women. The seminar ended with a questions and answers session. At the end of the seminar, everyone was ready to go to their homo dojo with enough lessons learnt to deepen their study of the japanese bow over the summer.

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