Kyudo, a traditional discipline

Tradition inherited from Japan and its history, Kyudo is deeply rooted in the Japanese soul, way of living and in various philosophical and religious approaches such as Confucianism, Shintoism, Buddhism.

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Message while confined

The singing of the tsurune came to an end, all of a sudden. And our bows are resting. ...

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Initiation weekend


From 4 avr. 10:00 till 5 avr. 18:00 in Berchem (Antwerpen).

This initiation seminar will be conducted by Jean-Pierre Vlasselaer, renshi, 6th Dan, president of the Belgian Kyudo Federation.

More information via Kita Kaze Kyudojo.

Stages 2019-2020

7-8 September 2019
Luxemburg for all
5 October 2019
Lille on invitation
29 November – 2 December 2019
Athens yearly seminar
14-15 December 2019 Antwerp for1st et 2nd Dan
25-26 January 2020
Liège yearly seminar
1 March 2020 Wavre for 4th Dan and +
4-5 April 2020 – postponed
Antwerp initiation
30-31 May Luxemburg for all
20-21 June 2020
Brussels for all
July 2020
IKYF-EFK European Seminar

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