Japanese archery initiation

Japanese archery initiation day in the Hasselt's Japanese garden

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Antwerp seminar

The Antwerp dojo is organising a seminar for kyudojin from Belgium, Luxembourg and Lille holding the rank of mudan and shodan.
The course will be run by leaders from Luxembourg and Antwerp dojos.

It will take place on Sunday 21 April 2024 from 9.30am to 6pm,
at the Kita Kaze Kyudojo in Berchem (Antwerp – Merode school).

Registration via the dojo seminar leaders.

Seminar in Antwerp

Belgian and Luxembourg kyudokas at work on the mudan and shodan seminar at the Antwerp dojo.

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Inititiation day

Taitokan kyudojo initiation seminar in Liege

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