All Nippon Kyudo Federation / Zen Nippon Kyudo Renmei


Established in 1948 in Tokyo, it consists of the grouping of the federations of the various ken in Japan. It combined various Kyudo schools with the goal to improve a common practice and to better spread the discipline.
Today, it is one of largest martial arts federation in Japan.

International Kyudo Federation


Established in Kyoto in May 2006, the International Kyudo Federation is composed of the 19 European federations, the Japanese and the American federations.
In 2007, it has organised its first seminar at the Tokyo Budokan, together with a taikai (shooting contest).

European Kyudo Federation


The European federation was established in 1980. It has currently 19 members representing the following countries :


Austria: Oesterreichischer Kyudo Verband

Belgium: Zen Begian Kyudo Renmei

Denmark: Dansk Kyudo Forbund

Finland: Finnish Kyudo Federation

France: Fédération de Kyudo Traditionnel

Germany:Deutscher Kyudo Bund E.V.

Iceland: Islenska Kyudofelagid

Italy: Assocazione Italiana Per Il Kyudo

Lithuania: Lietuvos Kyudo Federacija

Luxembourg: Luxemburg Kyudo Federation

Netherlands: Kyudo Renmei Netherlands

Norway: Norges Kyudo Forbund

Portugal: Associação Portuguesa De Kyudo

Romania: Asociatia Romana De Kyudo

Russia: Ipo «Kyudo Federation»

Spain: Asociación Española De Kyudo

Sweden: Svenska Kendoforbundet/Kyudo

Switzerland: Association Helvetique De Kyudo

UK: United Kingdom Kyudo Association


The EKF organises the yearly European seminars lead by a selection of Japanese masters representing the All Nippon Kyudo Federation. During these seminars, archers can present examinations for grades ranging from 1st dan to 6th dan as well for the title of Renshi.

Zen Belgian Kyudo Renmei


SHUGETSUKAN Kyudojo is at the roots of the Zen Belgian Kuydo Renmei.

The federation was established officially in 1983. Since its inception, it is in contact with the Japanese federation (Zen Nippon Kyudo Federation). It is also member of the European Kyudo Federation as well as the International Kyudo Federation.

The Zen Belgian Kyudo Renmei organised two European seminars: in 1991 in Brussels with masters Kamogawa Nobuyuki Hanshi 10th dan, President of the Zen Nippon Kyudo Renmei, Suzuki Mitsunari, Hanshi 8th dan, Ohno Hirotaka Hanshi 8th dan and Suda Sadao, Kyoshi 8th dan and, in 2002, in Louvain-la-Neuve with masters Kamogawa Nobuyuki, Hanshi 10th dan, Suzuki Mitsunari, Hanshi 8th dan, Ishikawa Takeo, Hanshi 8th dan, Ogata Ryo, Hanshi 8th dan and Akiyama Terumi, Hanshi 8th dan. It has also organised the first IKYF International Exchange Seminar for archers from 3rd dan up.