Reminder of some rules

Material responsibility and membership fee payment

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Message while confined

The singing of the tsurune came to an end, all of a sudden. And our bows are resting. ...

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Initiation weekend


From 4 avr. 10:00 till 5 avr. 18:00 in Berchem (Antwerpen).

This initiation seminar will be conducted by Jean-Pierre Vlasselaer, renshi, 6th Dan, president of the Belgian Kyudo Federation.

More information via Kita Kaze Kyudojo.

Stages 2019-2020

7-8 September 2019
Luxemburg for all
5 October 2019
Lille on invitation
29 November – 2 December 2019
Athens yearly seminar
14-15 December 2019 Antwerp for1st et 2nd Dan
25-26 January 2020
Liège yearly seminar
1 March 2020 Wavre for 4th Dan and +
4-5 April 2020 – postponed
Antwerp initiation
30-31 May Luxemburg for all
20-21 June 2020
Brussels for all
July 2020
IKYF-EFK European Seminar

A moment of silence in memory of Jean-Claude

A moment of silence in memory of Jean-Claude Hénon who passed away at the beginning of February this year.

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