Welcome of the New Year at the central dojo of the Zen Belgian Kyudo Renmei

Kyudoka of the Belgium and Luxembourg kyudo federations came together at the central dojo of the belgian kyudo federation to celebrate the new year, on Sunday January 8.A Ya Watashi ceremony, by one archer and two assistants, was performed on this occasion by :

Ite, Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6th Dan
Daichi Kaezoe : Vrydagh Robert, 4th Dan
Daini Kaezoe : Dekijser Bruno, 4th Dan

After the Ya Watashi took place a Hitote Gyosha, for which every archer present, starting with the higher grades, shot 2 arrows in Sharei form.

Vlasselaer Sensei took this opportunity to comment the first shooting of the year. He insisted on the importance of rather using the body then the bow to perform Kyudo. The movement comes from the centre of the body and the bow gradually becomes a part of the body. He also insisted on Ikiae, the rythm of breathing that should go along with every movement and make the movement a living one. Finally, shooting an arrow in Kyudo has to be done without restraint, the archer expressing his heart in the act of shooting.

So that there was enough for everyone to make their new year’s resolutions !

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