Beginner’s Seminar to be held by Taïtokan Kyudojo in Liège

On October 6, the Liege based Taïtokan Kyudojo will organise a special Kyudo beginner’s seminar, supervised by Christiane Roulez, 5th Dan. This event is open for people wishing to learn Kyudo and for zero and 1st Dan students of the federation’s other dojos.

The seminar will take place at the Centre Agora of the CHP, Montagne Ste-Walburge 4/A in Liège. Please register by phone or email. More details can be obtained by getting in touch with the Taïtokan Kyudojo sempai:

Alain Dubois 4th dan
Constant Piqueray 4th dan
Phone: 0477.634.521
e-mail :

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