Luxembourg national kyudo seminar

On the weekend of December 11th and 12, the Luxembourg Kyudo federation hosted its annual kyudo seminar in its practice facility in Mersch. The seminar was directed by Vlasselaer Jan-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6th Dan.

Around 30 participants from the dojos in Mersch (Luxembourg), Brussels, Liège, Wavre, Antwerp and Lille (France) gathered for a weekend of intense study of the way of the japanese bow. The first day of the seminar was especially designed for the sempai of the different dojos for which Vlasselaer Sensei is technical director. A extended session was dedicated to those aspects of Kyudo in relation with the teaching and the managment of a dojo in the japanese tradition.

The second day of the seminar was open to all members of the invited dojos. The facility of the Cécile Ries school sports hall allowed all participants to further deepen the understanding of their martial art, this understanding stemming from long and regular practice under the supervision of a sensei.

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