Annual beginner’s seminar in Liège

For the first time, the annual beginner’s seminar was held in the small dojo in Volière. The seminar was organised by the Liège dojo and held under the responsability of Christiane Roulez, 5th Dan, technical director of the ZBKR.

With the assistance of Constant Piqueray and Anne-Marie Rouchop, both 4th Dan senior students, Christiane Roulez guided the first steps of the 11 participating beginners, from discovering the gumo yumi to observing a tachi kata to shooting their first arrows on the makiwara.

Was it the sun shining into the dojo through the large glass windows, the strict but motivating teaching or the contagious enthousiasm of the participants ? The seminar took place in a relaxed but still intense athmospher where all the beginners could approach our martial art and where some decided to engage more deeply into kyudo.

Meanwhile, an undercover sensei worked with advances students of the Liège dojo who took the most out of this rare oportunity in Liège.

At the end of the seminar, both beginning and advances students were tired but see the smiles on their faces on the group picture.

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