10th anniversary of the Luxembourg Kyudo Federation

On December 20 2009, on the occasion of its national seminar, the Luxembourg Kyudo federation held a public Kyudo demonstration to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its establishment.

The seminar took place on December 19 and 20 in the sports facilities of the primary school « Cécile Ries » in Mersch, Luxembourg. As for earlier seminars, the location proved very suitable for the study of the way of the bow. The seminar was conducted by Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6° Dan, technical director of the Luxembourg Kyudo Federation as well as president of the belgian Kyudo Federation. Many Kyudoka from Belgium had also joined this 10th anniversary seminar.

On Sunday afternoon, although winter had suddenly and sharply found its way to Mersch, a demonstration was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Luxembourg Kudo Federation. The demonstration was attended, among others, by the mayor of Mersch. The city of Mersch is the owner of the facilities used by the Luxembourg Kyudo Federation.

Before the demonstration, Ralph Schroeder, president of the Luxembourg Kyudo Federation, introduced the history of Kyudo in Luxembourg to the audience. This history begins with a first national seminar and a demonstration, held in 1999, in presence of his Excellence the Ambassador of Japan. The history of Kyudo in Luxembourg also includes participation of members of the federation with european and worldwide kyudo events. Ralph Schroeder explained to the audience the meaning of the name of the local Kyudojo : Mitsugawa Kyudojo, the Kyudojo of the 3 rivers, a reference to the 3 rivers – Alzette, Mamer, Eisch –  crossing the city of Mersch. Vlasselar Jean-Pierre Sensei then explained about technique and spirit of Kyudo, so that the audience could appreciate the demonstration in the best possible way.

Then followed two demonstration performances :

  1. Hitotsu Mato Sharei : 3 archers shoot at one target. In order to do this, the archers move on the shajo to form a triangle. The performing archers were :

Constant Picqueray, 4e Dan, Liège Dojo

Michel Pilz, 4e Dan, Mersch Dojo

Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre Sensei, Renshi 6e Dan, Brussels Dojo

  1. Tachi Sharei : this standing shooting form was performed by 3 women:

Anne-Marie Rouchop, 4e Dan, Brussels Dojo

Anja Bauer, 3e Dan, Mersch Dojo

Christiane Roulez, 5e Dan, Brussels Dojo

The demonstration was followed by the audience with great attention, by the other kyudoka present as well as by those who saw Kyudo for the first time.

After the demonstration, performing archers as well as the audience had the opportunity to meet for a drink, offered by the belgian Kyudo Federation as a expression of their friendship with the Luxembourg Kyudo Federation. This friendship has been lasting for 10 years and is bringing the 2 federation closer together with each passing year. At this moment, the mayor of Mersch, M. Albert Henkel, also gave his congratulations for the 10th anniversary of the federation and assured the participants of the continued support by the local authorities.

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