New Year Yawatachi

Do not get used

The new year begins with the traditional yawatashi: Ite, Vlasselaer Jean-Pierre, Renshi 6th Dan, Daiichi Kaizoe, Alain Dubois, 5th dan, Daini Kaizoe Pierre Grandjean, 5th dan.

Vlasselaer sensei wishes us to widen the renewal spirit of all what our practice is made of, starting with our material which he asks us to check and take care of. The first training of the year is also an opportunity for everyone to renew his feeling about shooting. As we do not know what will happen tomorrow nor the day after, the same applies when shooting. Vlasselaer sensei invites us to shoot each arrow without worrying about his fate, but having made the maximum on the shooting line, with the right intention. He invites us to release ourselves from our certainties and, as his master Suda sensei Hanshi 8th dan says, not to get used.

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