Homage to Jean-Pierre Vlasselaer Sensei

On November 7th, a shooting ceremony took place as an homage to Jean-Pierre Vlasselaer, our Sensei.

The shooting session was preceded by two speeches,
one by Alain Dubois 5th dan Kyudo on the theme of tsurune:

Two arrows are not much. But if we shoot them with all our heart, they will carry our sorrow, our gratitude, our hope beyond the target

and one by Emilio Gomez Kyoshi 7th dan Kendo and Iaïdo:

Jean-Pierre will remain in my heart. He will forever inspire my research in other BUDO disciplines such as KENDO and IAÏDO.

More than 60 kyudokas shot two arrows with all their heart in all harmony and serenity.



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