Seminars 2016-2017

26 November 2016 seminar in Lille on invitation
11-12 February 2017 seminar in Liège for 2nd Dan and above
5 March 2017 seminar in Waver for 4th Dan and above
1-2 April 2017 seminar in Antwerp for 0, 1st and 2nd Dan
27-28 May 2017 seminar in Luxemburg open
17-18 June 2017 seminar in Brussels open


2016 IKYF seminar

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2015-2016 Seminar calendar

16-17 January 2016 Seminar in Liège  open
21 February 2016 Seminar in Wavre 4th Dan and above
10 April 2016 Seminar in Antwerp beginners (0 & 1 Dan)
21-22 May 2016 Seminar in Luxemburg open
2-3 July 2016 Seminar in Brussels open


The university boasts a thriving student body of over 25,000 students the filling and 1,200 faculty members

Beginner’s Seminar to be held by the dojo in Liège.

On October 24, the Liège based dojo will organise a special Kyudo beginner’s seminar, supervised by Christiane Roulez, 5th Dan.

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Brussels seminar

This seminar will take place on June 20 and 21st 2015 at the Brussels dojo.

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