IKYF European Seminar 2017

The schedule for this year European seminar is as follows:

A Seminar (yondan, godan, shogo): 12-14 July, exam 15 July
C Seminar (mudan, shodan): 16-18 July, exam 19 July
B Seminar (nidan, sandan): 20-22 July, exam 23 July

Registration is being handled through the federation.

Dojo closure

Brussels’ Shugetsukan dojo will be closed during July and August 2017.

Initiation seminar

Kyudo initiation seminar at the Japanses Garden in Hasselt. Registrations:

– at the Kyudo booth at the Japanese Garden on June 11 before and after demonstrations

– e-mail : kitakazedojo[à]kyudo.be

– or through the Japanese Garden